The Lakeland website design industry is one that is constantly on the move. With the rise and fall of different website design trends, website owners and users alike scramble to keep up in order to make sure that their websites are never deemed as “outdated”. However, with all of the web design trends currently available, one particular trend is still very much up for debate in the web design industry: background videos.

Some would argue that background videos have no place in any web design, while others would vouch for its status as a widely used design trend being used today. Regardless of how you feel about it, background videos do get used in designs regularly. To make sure that you pull this off successfully, here are some tips on using background videos for your Lakeland website design.

Keep it short

If you plan on using background video in your web design, one of the main rules of doing this right is that you should always keep it short. Remember that your background video is meant to enhance your web design, not overpower it.

Keeping it short is needed to make sure that your background video doesn’t overpower your design. Longer background videos also do not do a good job of engaging your website visitors because it distracts them from actually engaging with your website, which defeats the purpose of an effective background video.

Cut out the sound

If you’re going to be using background videos in your Lakeland website design, always cut out the sound. If you have dialogue for some reason in your background video, always caption it, but never include music or any other sound in your background video.

This is another example of having a background video that overpowers the entirety of the web design, rather than enhances it. The last thing users want when they visit your website is to have to deal with the sound blaring at them and them scrambling to turn it off.

Always keep mobile in mind

With mobile being such an important part of online technology nowadays, how are website owners supposed to accommodate them in their inclusion of background videos?

One simple way to still incorporate the idea of background videos in mobile websites is to have a placeholder image instead of the video in mobile designs. Never incorporate background videos in mobile versions of websites as you will find that mobile users do not take to this too well, and this may significantly affect your bounce rates.