Photography & Videography
Photography & Videography
The success of a business is largely dependent on the effectiveness of that business’ online presence. But before converting any online leads, your online presence needs to be professional-looking and convincing. One of the metrics of the success and effectiveness of social media and websites is the use of photography & videography. High-quality photos and videos would go a long way towards enhancing the potentials of your online presence.
Sharing media on social media and on your websites increases the brand’s overall image. It helps build relationships with clients and investors, and it makes your company look legitimate. Photos and videos uploaded on social media attract customers and clients to your company, and they make your business more interesting. This is why it’s important for you to hire photography & videography services every time there is an event in your company (you want prospective clients to see what you’ve been up to) or there’s a new product or service you are advertising (professional photographers and videographers know the right way to make products look more appealing).
Big events come and go in the blink of an eye. It is always important to capture the special moments in your business or even in your personal or professional life. An event can feel overwhelming at times because of the number of guests involved in it. You may want to commemorate each event and occasion by having a professional photographer and videographer with you.
The services being offered by BrightSky Web Design is not only targeted towards businesses. We go as far as capturing personal events and bringing these memories to life through our lenses. But for your businesses, our services could be impeccably personalized to suit what your company needs. Whether it’s a product launching, the anniversary of the company, an exhibit, or a rave party, our team of professional photographers and videographers will work hard to capture these important moments.
Stock Photos Versus Original Photos
Many websites opt to use stock photos because this is cheaper and easier. However, that decision comes with a lot of baggage. For one, the quality of the stock image would depend on your subscription. If you want better quality, you would have to pay a premium price for that. Sometimes, shooting your own photos may be a lot cheaper than paying for the stock photos’ high-quality versions. When visitors go to your site, they would be able to tell that the images you have there are not unique and are taken from another website.
What we can do is we can create this collection of photos that you can use on your website. We can take videos of your employees while they are hard at work. We can take photos of your products, so you can tap into this list later on when you need an image for a blog post. When your images are professionally done, it makes for a great first impression. It shows your customers that you are serious about your products and services.
SEO Boosters
Images are powerful SEO boosters. You can input keywords using metadata and descriptions. These would allow your content to stand out from the rest of the search engine results. When you use stock photos, your pages will just blend in with all the other websites that have already used the same images. Your website has to be more unique if you want to attract customers. One way of achieving this is to use only original photos and videos.
By hiring photography & videography, you are giving your business a better chance at competing with all the others in the same industry.

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