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SEO is the process of improving a website’s content and structure in order to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic it receives search engines. Natural search listings draw a majority of clicks from the search results page. This number can be as high as 85%. In addition, these clicks do not carry a per click price. However, the optimization process is slow and effective for only 3-5 keywords per optimized page. So the trick is to pick the target keywords, for your web pages, very carefully so as to avoid too much competition in the beginning of the process.

Our SEO team obsesses about every little detail that can improve the search engine ranking and therefore the traffic and conversions from your website. Our methodology, 7 simple steps to achieve the results that you are looking for.

The Brightsky Web Design 7-Step Approach

1 Competitive Assessment

We analyze 2-3 of your closest competitors to establish some benchmarks and targets with regards to target keywords, SE rankings, and expected traffic.

2 Develop Keyword Portfolio

We develop a list of 3-5 keywords or phrases for optimizing the pages on your site that get the most traffic or are most likely to drive sales.

3 Optimize Site Content

This step involves making sure that search engine crawlers consider your optimized pages to be of high relevance for the target keywords. For example the keywords should occur in the page title, early and frequently in the body of the text and if possible be the anchor text to a link.

4 Optimize Site and Page Structure

Site structure and page structure refers to several components at the HTML programming level of the page such as Page title, Meta tags, Alt Text for images, and XML and HTML site maps to assist the crawling of search engine bots on your website.

5 Directory Submissions

making sure that your site gets an appropriate listing and/or mention on the 100’s of open directories on the web such as DMOZ, Wikipedia, to name a few.

6 Search Engine Submissions

This refers to the manual submission of your sites page urls that are optimized so that the search engine know to come and crawl your page and index it for search listings presentation.

7 Enhance Link Popularity

The process of building inbound links to your optimized pages.

We characterize Search Engine Optimization as everything having to do with what is optimized ON the actual website of our client.

A sites architecture and navigation are of the utmost importance in ensuring long term success in the search engines. We optimize sites for speed, proper navigation, internal anchor text/linking structure, duplicate content issues, optimize page urls to contain keywords, and solve any indexing problems due to session id’s. We also build a proper site map that will be automatically submitted to all the major search engines to ensure proper indexing.

Our main goal is your long term success on the search engines… and a huge part of this is how your site is built. Too often, the designers that have built the sites for our clients, did not have the search engines in mind when developing the website. We know all the issues that can hinder a site’s performance in the search engines, and we will give you the information to fix the issues, or we can fix the issues for you.

Every customer we speak with regarding our SEO Services within the first five minutes of the call tells us they want to be on page one for their targeted keywords. Who doesn’t? Page one isn’t always maintainable, but thank goodness research has shown that the average consumer when looking for a product, service or information, on average, searches up to 5 pages deep.

The goal, over time, is to be organically positioned with all your important keywords on pages 1-5!

Brightsky Web Design’s Organic SEO Service is dedicated to helping businesses achieve first page rankings in the major search engines on the Internet through consultation, research, on page optimization and submissions. Our staff members are all highly experienced in Internet marketing and search engine placement strategies. As part of the natural search engine optimization campaign, we will analyze how the search engines are viewing your web site’s code, links and graphics. We will also analyze what the competition is doing and what the search engines are requesting. Once the initial analysis is complete, we will execute specific strategies that will improve your sites rankings naturally and significantly increase qualified traffic.

Natural search engine optimization is a cost effective and specialized technique that can get your site ranking prominently in the search engines without the use of additional pay per click services. The process, also called organic search engine optimization, involves appealing to the search engines guidelines through the proper use of keywords, site structure, content, link building. All of these combined actions will help to increase your websites popularity and relevance and thus you will achieve higher rankings in the natural results of the major search engines.

Link building is the heart and soul of any organic SEO process. Search engine algorithms determine page rank based on a formula that factors in quality of content, number of links, and the quality of the sites where those links are posted. Simply putting them anywhere will not help you to attain better organic rankings. That’s a very old “black hat” technique that no longer works. Search engines have started weighting links according to the quality and editorial standards of the site they are placed on.

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