Website Security

Keep your sites – and visitors – safe with professional malware protection and cleanup.

Total Security for your Website

Protect your sites with two powerful security forces watching your back: our award-winning BrightSky engineers, and BrightSky Web Designer’s Security Suite’s Industry-leading technology.

Getting hacked could be bad news for your reputation and your online business. Phishing scams, botnets, and malware can be used to disable your site, access your customer’s sensitive information, or worse. But you don’t have to be a security expert to put your worries to rest – let our trained security squad handle it.

Call (800) 704-4598 now if your website has been hacked.

Detect, Protect, and Respond

Continuous Security Scans

We scan your site files and database for malware, cross-site scripting, SQL injections, SEO spam, and security issues.

Unlimited Malware Removal

Our team of security analysts is standing by to start cleaning up malicious code and restore your website to a secure state.

Instant Alerts

You can see the results of your latest scan at any time in the Account Center. And if we find any issues, we’ll alert you right away.

Extra Protection For Premium Plans

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Block harmful traffic before it reaches your site. Our WAF service protects you automatically against most common attacks, makes it easy to differentiate human traffic from bots, and even shows you the source of attacks that the firewall has blocked.

• Block spammers
• Block OWASP Top 10 attacks including SQL injections and XSS
• Identify backdoor files and block access to them
• Mitigate search engine blacklisting
• Mitigate website scrapers from stealing your content

Content Delivery Network

Our firewall works hand in hand with a global content delivery network (CDN) to add a major performance boost to your site. With worldwide data centers, advanced content optimization, and caching for both static and dynamic content, you’ll notice higher speeds and lower bandwidth usage right away

How Much Security Do You Need?