Logo Design
Logo Design
Owning a business isn’t just about running and managing it and making a profit out if it. You have to find a way so that customers will identify your business. Your logo design is the face of your brand. People will associate seeing your logo to your business. That is why it’s very important that your logos only appear on things and locations that will benefit your business. You cannot simply put your logo anywhere without studying the repercussions of being associated to that thing or that place. Think of a children’s business logo placed on a billboard near a sexy nightclub. Not good, right?
The biggest household names have iconic logos. You have Nike, Adidas, Google, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even if you have never been a customer, you know what those logos represent. It is this representation that new businesses should aim for. Success in the business means having a logo that will be distinct and that will encapsulate your company’s personality.
Making a Great First Impression
Your business logo is the first thing that customer will see when they visit your business. If you hand your logo above your building, your potential customers will see that logo and they will create an impression about your business based on that logo. If you make a good first impression, these new customers may become loyal and returning customers. Sometimes, a good logo design is enough to hook a good impression on a customer.
Projecting a Professional Image
It is very important that your business maintains a professional image. Professional logo designers are also creative thinkers who can put your company’s vision into a concept and then, a visual form. There are many styles of logos but designers will be able to recommend what’s good for your company and right for your business goals. A good logo will reflect your company colors, corporate fonts, and overall brand style in a singular form. You will be able to use this anywhere—in your offices, your company stationery, and your products/services.
Marketing Across All Forms of Media
As your business grows, you will market it on different forms of media—both traditional and the new media. You want to access a wide range of audience and turn them into potential customers. Aside from printed and online content, you will also use your logo to market in trade shows and exhibitions. You will put your logo on anywhere that could represent your brand the best—on free giveaways, on souvenirs, on the booth, on newsletters, etc. Some businesses create slightly different logos every time there’s a new event they must attend as a company. This comes across as amateurish. You must have one iconic logo that will promote your brand on any platform.
Attracting Investors
Not only are you going to attract customers through your professional brand logo design, but you will also entice the interest of investors. If the investors see that your company is already starting to get recognized and that your brand is becoming a household name, they will flock to you and knock on your door for possibilities of partnerships. Once you open your company to investors, you will have a better chance at bringing your company to a higher and bigger market. This would also mean that your investment, your capital will return to you faster than you anticipated.
Think of your logo design as a form of advertisement. Every time someone sees your logo, they are going to think about your company, your services, and your products. Not only must you deliver exceptional products and services, but you must also take pride on the image that your logo signifies.

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