E-commerce Solutions

What is an E-commerce Solution?

Making the decision to turn your brick-and-mortar store into an online one, or choosing to open an online store outright is something that more businesses are doing nowadays. ECommerce, or electronic commerce, is the term used to refer to the transaction of purchasing items online. These eCommerce websites are more popular than ever nowadays, with the ever-increasing rise in popularity of smartphones and online shopping. Social media also plays a significant role in the popularity of eCommerce websites. More customers today prefer to shop online instead of in physical ones because of the convenience and variety of options that online shopping offers.

There are a number of reasons why businesses are choosing to make the shift over to eCommerce sites. For some, they want an online presence to supplement their physical stores. For others, they choose to open an eCommerce site instead of a physical store because running an online store is less costly than maintaining a physical one. Regardless of the motivation, one cannot deny the prevalence of online shopping and how popular it is among consumers.

At BrightSky Web Design, we understand that handling the maintenance and running an eCommerce site effectively takes a lot planning and work. To help our clients with this, we offer several eCommerce solutions to make sure that your eCommerce site runs smoothly.

Along with maintaining and running your eCommerce site, the marketing aspect of your eCommerce site must also be taken into account. We understand that handling an eCommerce site means having to make sure that each individual product is given as much attention as the entire website. Because of the competitive nature of the eCommerce industry, you risk missing out on potential revenue if your website and products are not optimized accordingly. With that in mind, our eCommerce solutions include digital marketing strategies that can be effectively utilized in order to increase the visibility of your eCommerce site.


BrightSky Web Design has experience in optimizing eCommerce sites with product lists of well over 100,000. When it comes to online marketing, SEO and SEM always seem to top the list of essential tools that you need to utilize in order to increase website visibility. With eCommerce sites, this rule still rings true. Ideally, you want your eCommerce site to rank high on organic searches. It is less costly and more effective to build up your SEO strategy to guarantee that users who are looking for the products that your eCommerce site offers can find them. Not only does the entire website have to be optimized for SEO, but the individual products pages have to be optimized as well.

On-Page Optimization

The process of optimizing your website and individual products is a rather technical one. Keyword research is the very first step of any SEO strategy. The volume, competition, relevancy, and intent are considered for keyword research. Once we have found the right keywords to target, we implement this onto your product’s page SEO for full optimization.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We combine our SEO eCommerce solutions with our Pay-Per-Click marketing strategies. You invest in an Ad that will be displayed prominently on search engine results for specific keywords and phrases. You only pay for the click if a visitor clicks on your site via these sponsored links. The higher your bid, the higher your adwords ranking.

However, at BrightSky Web Design, we combine this strategy with organic link building strategies. Pay-per-click campaigning is a great marketing tool, but you shouldn’t have to rely on it exclusively. By combining an effective SEO strategy with your PPC campaign to help increase visibility, we help guarantee your eCommerce site’s ranking on search engine result pages.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the eCommerce solutions that help target and pinpoint specific users who visit your eCommerce site. Using email marketing is an effective way of building a stronger relationship between your website and your customers. We create custom email marketing campaigns that help promote your eCommerce site to your customers, as well as help increase products sales.

To learn more about our eCommerce solutions, contact us here at BrightSky Web Design through our website, and get your eCommerce site on the top of the ranks today!

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