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BrightSky Web Design
Established in 1982 as a direct mail management and marketing company we have been involved in small to medium sized business marketing for a long time.

We’ve been on both sides of the table. Our parent company, Business Marketing LLC, has owned and currently owns companies that markets and sells both products and services. Therefore, we have a solid understanding of what you face when you’re trying to determine the best solutions for promoting your business offerings.

BrightSky Web Design got its start as a division of designers working strictly for us on our inhouse marketing for our various companies. When we first started we had no intention of offering web design and internet-based marketing options to outside clients. This all changed when a friend asked if we could help them build a new website for their company and we agreed to sit down and see if we could help. After this successful client project, and a few others, we decided to form a company offering quality web design and related services. In 2004 BrightSky Web Design was launched and we have been full speed ahead ever since.

We originally focused on Lakeland web design as this is where our home office is located. We then branched out offering Tampa web design and Orlando web design solutions. After creating lots of great websites, the word got out and we now service businesses Nationwide. The next phase of our development was offering Internet Marketing plans and services to our clients. It’s one thing to have a nice website but if no one finds and engages with your firm it’s not providing you the results it should. Social Marketing options were added as soon as platforms like; Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others proved to be powerful tools for reaching a targeted audience.

Over the years we have hired quality frontend and backend web developers, digital graphic designers as well as journalists for content marketing. Photography, Videography, Drone capabilities and inhouse Green Screen studio, was added to the mix and has blossomed over the years. We have continually invested in better gear and education to be the best we can be. We have filmed and edited corporate videos, interviews, car commercials, weekly company marketing videos for social marketing and much more.

We work harder, and we truly care. If you contact any of our wonderful clients, aka friends, you will find that we have earned a solid reputation. We take the time to understand the goal of your project, develop a smart plan to step by step make it a reality, communicate each and every step of the way with you and stick with it until we accomplish the full scope of the plan.

Next, you will find that our ongoing support, advice and help is second to none. We respect and care for our clients and treat them as we would want to be treated. Does this sound old-school and cliché? Yes, but that’s who we are and how we work. Do the project right and help our customer accomplish what they need. It’s hard work but a simple philosophy!

Contact us to set up a free evaluation call. We’d love to meet you, learn who you are and what you’re wanting and needing to happen. Thanks for taking the time to review this site and we hope to serve you soon.

Professional custom art designers can bring your imagination to life. They can turn those creative juices you are tinkering with into works of arts. You can then use these to increase brand awareness and solidify the image of your company.
Love What We Do
Working with a wide variety of business types makes our job fun, challenging, and interesting. There is a common thread of needs, wants and desires with all of our clients and for us uncovering the items that will make the most impact on their company is extremely satisfying.

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