Have you finally realized that it’s better to rebuild your website? Are you ready for another round of Lakeland web design? Although this time, you have to make sure that your website will not fall into the same traps as this current one has.

The main reason why web owners decide to redesign and redevelop their websites is because it has been penalized by Google. Once your domain has been tarnished, there is very little thing you can do. Sure, you can fight the penalties but Google will just continue imposing these penalties until your website shapes up. And sometimes, it will take them much time to recognize the changes you have made. By then, your competitors have already gotten ahead of you. You have lost the confidence of the market. Your clients have moved somewhere else.

In such cases, it’s wiser to abandon the site and build a new Lakeland web design. Only this time, you have to be smarter with the way you design and develop the website.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Why was your present website penalized anyway? Did you publish a duplicated content? Are your links broken? Is your sitemap data missing? Did you overuse your anchor text? There are a lot of reasons why a website has been penalized. Don’t build your new site without first understanding the context of why your present site had t be taken down.

What were your penalties? Plenty of analytical tools can create a report for this. Study these reasons hard. Understand why you have to start rebuilding in the first place. If you don’t learn from these mistakes, there’s a good chance that you will make the same errors on your new website.

Reach Out to Your Consumers

Don’t forget that once you have taken down your current site to be open to your consumers about why your site is down. Don’t let them draw up conclusions on their own. They will try to find another site or online store that offers the same information, products, and services that you do. Don’t lose your connection with your audience. Although you have to rebuild your Lakeland web design, take time out to continue engaging your consumers on various social media channels.

Building a website from scratch is challenging, but it’s a challenge that you have to take on if you want to be relevant once again. No matter how much your present site has grown, if it has been heavily penalized already, there’s no point in keeping it.