Any business, large or small, recognizes the importance of Lakeland web design and development services to help come up with a professional website that does a good job of representing your business and brand online. 

For small businesses, however, this can be a choice full of doubt about whether or not this is the best choice for them, mostly because of the cost that is commonly associated with professional web design and development services. 

As an alternative, you may run into templated options, which seem like the natural alternative to custom site design. However, keep in mind that while you’ll be saving money on the upfront costs, this will cost you more in the future. Find out why Lakeland web design templates are problematic here. 

Does not do a good job of representing your brand

The main reason why web design templates are not as great as you would expect them to be is that they do not allow for much customization. At best, all you can do is swap out images and text, which is only the surface of what is needed for a professional website to represent your brand. 

This is problematic for a modern business because that customization is supposed to help you come up with a website that does a good job of representing your brand, which distinguishes you online. Templated designs don’t give you that option. 

Problems in the backend

What you need to understand about templated designs is that all of the work for it is done on a surface level. While it’s great that you can handle the color choices and images yourself, keep in mind that a lot of what makes a website work is in the backend of things. With a templated design, you risk compromising your website’s function in the future because you have no control over it and how to fix it. 

Poor responsiveness

Website responsiveness is essential to a good, modern Lakeland web design. Online users utilize different devices to complete their online browsing experiences, and they expect the websites that they visit to take that into consideration. 

This is done by making sure that the websites can be accessed and navigated the same way across all available devices. With templated designs, you are not guaranteed of this feature because you have no control over how the site functions aside from some basic features as well as how it looks. 

Questionable security

Another important thing to note is that you cannot guarantee the security of a templated website, again, because you don’t have a say in it. With a custom site design, you have a professional website that represents your business and brand, as well as all of the features that you audience will need from your website.