Let us tell you a story. Emily is looking for a pair of weather-proof boots that she can take the next time she hikes with her friends. She doesn’t know yet where they plan to hike, so she wants to take advantage of some sales and get a pair that will suit whatever weather she finds herself hiking in. She was tempted to buy a pair that has a 40% off on its tag, but she stopped herself because she hasn’t seen the reviews yet. True enough, when she got down to reading the testimonials, they were mostly negative. Emily was lucky she wasn’t sucked in by the tempting offer and the effective Lakeland internet marketing strategy. But not all consumers can think on their feet like Emily.

For most, once they see a tempting offer on an online store, they add that to cart and walk away feeling that they have accomplished something unique. But this is a fallacy. If you are not careful, you’re going to have a lot of low-quality and substandard products on your doorstep.

This is why every business and its website should invest in collecting as many customer testimonials and reviews as they can. Customer testimonials don’t just add content to your site. They make your business look believable, too. The more reviews you have on the site, the more it seems that customers can trust your business. These trust ratings will show that your site can be trusted and that it has value to its loyal customers. These testimonials will help make you look like a reliable supplier of the products and services that you are selling.

Where to Get Testimonials

Obviously, you shouldn’t fake the reviews. Don’t pay anyone to “buy” and review your products and services. Reach out to your existing customers. Talk to them and ask if they are willing to write about their experiences with your company. You should select the customers who you will reach out to. Make your choices diverse—parents, teenagers, retirees, couples, single people, and whoever else your brand is targeting.

Some people are also more comfortable leaving reviews on third-party services such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and Trust Pilot. You can sign up for those, so customers can leave reviews about your company. You can use these reviews to craft your Lakeland internet marketing strategies to reach more of your target market. Although third-party review sites are great to generate testimonials, self-maintained ones are still the most useful and valuable for your business.