What kind of keywords are you using for your Lakeland SEO? How sure are you that these keywords will help your page rank high on Google? If your website continues to languish behind your competitors and is in the virtual dumpsite that is Google’s second and third pages, you need to look into the keywords that you’re using. Contrary to what you believe, they may not be contributing at all to your page’s search engine rank.

So, what are long-tail keywords? How can they benefit your website?

By definition, long-tail keywords are three or more words that make up a key phrase. Compared to short keywords, long-tail keywords have decidedly less competition. When you use Google to search using long-tail keywords, you will find fewer results as compared to short one-word keywords. if you want your website to be more well-known on the Internet, you need to use long-tail keywords for your Lakeland SEO because they are more recognizable than short keywords.

More Hits

Yes, long-tail keywords have less competition than short keywords. When you search for it using Google and Bing or other search engines, you will have a better chance of ranking high on the results. Your customers who know how to search for a product or service use long-tail keywords. Your website will get more hits when you use these keywords because the people who are using these keywords to search on Google are already interested to purchase a service or product. You have a better chance of making a profit from the content of your website if you are going to use long-tail keywords to promote your business or blog.

More Specific

Long-tail keywords are more specific and this means that they are more targeted in your Lakeland SEO. They can reach your target audience better than short keywords. Because short keywords fail at competing with other websites that have already ranked first on Google, your chances of “stealing” that high rank is slim to none. Long-tail keywords also work better for businesses with more technical and specific products and services. If your products or services are unlike what others are selling, you should use long-tail keywords in your content marketing.

If you are having a hard time ranking first on Google, Bing, and other search engines, consider using long-tail keywords for your blog content and even your videos’ backend. Use a variety of long-tail keywords so that you can target a large portion of your market.