Lakeland web designWhitespace is the most overlooked design feature of a website. There is also a huge difference on how designers and owners see it. While designers adore the white space, owners want to fill it, thinking it’s a waste of perfectly good space for a content.More often, whitespace is not being used to it’s maximum potential. It’s a waste of opportunity to use this perfectly important aspect of Lakeland web design.

Why does it matter and how can you protect it?

Many designers believe that the whitespace is the fundamental building block of a good design. It’s the space between the components of the page, and it is the breathing room for the eyes. If used correctly, it can provide a lot of advantages and opportunities to improve the overall look of your website. By merely adding white space on a previously content- and graphics-laden webpage, it can transform it from something heavy on the eye to a page a person will actually take the time out to read.

In order to protect the whitespace, a web designer must think more as a web visitor rather than as the designer or the owner. You have to see the website from the perspective of an outsider rather from what you already know as an owner. Have you ever read a book with such small fonts your eyes actually watered? That’s what happens, too, when your website doesn’t have enough whitespace. It strains the eyes and it makes people tired even before they started reading the content.

It has to be clear to your designer that you approve the use of whitespace on your website as long as it is placed wisely. Be clear as to what the purpose of the whitespace is on your website. If it’s merely aesthetic and has nothing to do with the readability of the content, then tell your designer that.

But remember, the white space became a trend in the past years for a reason. It is here to stay. It was not a passing trend that designers liked for a year or so. It has been knocking on designers’ doors for the good last decade, and it’s easy to see just why. With enough white space in place, your website can create a polished and sophisticated look. Think of your web page as a home. You don’t want a cluttered house, surely?

Having the proper white space on your website will help customers focus on your business’ message and image, rather than the idiosyncrasies of your Lakeland web design.