There is a thin line that separates success and failure. One wrong move can doom your business while continually making the right decision will lead your business to success. The problem with failing is that you only need to do one mistake to fail. The problem with success is that you need to make succeeding good decisions to maximize your business’ full potential. That is how you should see your Lakeland SEO. One wrong with your SEO can lead to your business’ failure.

Wrong Keyword

If you have not done your research, there is a chance that you are using the wrong keyword for your website. Your website, blog, videos, and images are all relying on your keyword to rank high on search engines such as Google and Bing. This means that if you’re using the wrong keyword for your captions, titles, meta descriptions, and meta title, you have done your website no benefit since you started building it.

You have to look for the right keyword to use on your website and social media pages. But how do you find the right keyword? You have to brainstorm on it. You have to get together with your team and find the right keywords that your target market is using in their queries on Google and Bing.

Wrong Keyword Placement

Sure, you use the right keywords, but are you placing them properly? If you are using the keyword only on the body of your blogs, then you are not optimizing your blog post for search engines. Your keyword should appear in every element of your website. It should be on the page title, descriptions, backend, alt text, captions, subtitles, and every inch of the surface of your website.

Overcompensating With Keywords

And then, here’s the problem: some web developer overcompensates with the use of keywords. They put the keywords even in places that they should not appear in. They stuff the blog posts with keywords so when Google crawls such posts, it will automatically think it’s legitimate and authoritative. But that’s not how search engines work anymore. The algorithm has changed. They no longer want content that’s chock-full of keywords. They want value and relevance.

In fact, if Google notices that you’re overstuffing content with keywords for Lakeland SEO, it might even penalize you. The new algorithm measures the keyword density, which should be between 2% and 3%, of each post. That tells search engines of the value of the web content.