How do you encourage your customers to reach via your Orlando web design? What exactly do they do when they land on your web pages? Are they acting the way they should be acting? Are you measuring sales, traffic, and conversion? Surely, you know how important these web metrics are. Take a step back and look at your web metrics and what it tells about your web design.

Organic Web Traffic

How much traffic is your site generation organically? How many web visitors are landing on your site after being brought there by search engines? Organic web traffic refers to web visits that do not come from a paid source such as pay-per-click advertising. The web visitor could have seen a link on your social media page or search engine results. If you have poor web traffic, that means your presence online is lacking and you’re losing customers to other businesses.

Search Engine Ranking

Search engines will also measure the effectivity of your Orlando web design before ranking your pages. Remember that search engines rank webpages and not the website as a whole. Every web page is important and must be properly designed to suit the particular taste of your target audience. If you have a low ranking on search engines, people are less likely to find you. They won’t be given the option of clicking on your pages’ URL links.

Conversion Rate

Do you have a low conversion rate? This refers to the percentage of web visitors taking actions on your website. Whether it is buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter, your conversion rate is one of the most critical factors of measuring the success of your Orlando web design. To improve on this, you need to put call-to-action buttons on your website. The CTAs will tell your customers exactly what they need to do on your website. Make the CTA buttons bold and easily noticeable so your customers won’t miss them.

Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is not a good sign. The lower your site’s bounce rate is, the better it is for your business. The bounce rate is the percentage of web visitors “bouncing away” from your site the moment they land on it. Most of the time, this means they are unimpressed by the Orlando web design. Sometimes, it’s because of the slow-loading speed, which is technically another component of the web design. Whatever the reason may be for the high bounce rate, you should work on reducing this further until customers are staying on your site to browse and purchase.