We still have many questions about the coronavirus pandemic. The world as we know it will forever change, and that includes the fates of our businesses. How can your business survive this pandemic? What role will your Lakeland marketing strategies play to make your business thrive? While you want to be respectful of what each other is going through, you also have to be cognizant of the fact that your business might not survive this pandemic if you don’t take action into your own hands.

Reach Out

Ask your existing customers how they are doing? If you have loyal customers who you have become personally acquainted with, send a personal email to them to ask how they have been during this time? Some of your customers might be frontliners. Send them a message to thank them for their invaluable service to the community. Many of these will remember how you reached out to them during a difficult time. They will repay that with loyalty.

Virtual Tours

Take your audience on a virtual tour of your office or store. Show them what you are trying to do during this difficult time in your business. If your office has been affected by the physical distancing measures set in place, show them how you are coping with it. This is the best time to let your customers into the intricacies of your production process. Some behind-the-scenes videos will be interesting during this time.

Mobilize Your Ambassadors

Do you have brand ambassadors? Ask them to continue posting about your products and services. Tell them to remind prospective customers that you are still operating at this time. See if any of them are interested to join a meet and greet with their followers. This is a good chance to engage with your customers.


Don’t stop trying to sell your products and services. Remind your customers why they want and need your products. Though you don’t have to do hard sell, you can always showcase the benefits and features of having your items in their lives. Provide weekly recaps of how the pandemic is affecting your business operations.

Your business will suffer because of the economic uncertainties. There is no question about that. Even essential businesses have already felt the grunt and impact of the pandemic. As an entrepreneur, you should think on your feet and plan the next Lakeland marketing steps that your business must take to thrive during these trying times.