There’s a downtrend in your web analytics. The numbers are the same as last year, but they’ve slightly dipped in some areas. You noticed, too, that there are fewer orders and inquiries. Sure, the pandemic might have affected that, but there’s something here that doesn’t feel right. Your website isn’t the powerhouse it once was because you haven’t updated it for quite a while, but is that reason for your market to skip it? The reason you are missing out is because you don’t invest in the right Lakeland marketing services.

Featured Snippets

Do you know what featured snippets are? If you don’t, that’s probably why your target market isn’t noticing you. Featured snippets are those boxed-in search results that appear on top of the list of search results. It’s position zero. It’s the first thing that web users will see upon entering a query on Google. It’s the easiest thing for them to click on it because the featured snippet provides all the information that the web user is searching for.

How does one get to the featured snippet? You have to follow the “rules,” which is to answer what most people will ask about the kind of products you sell and the industry you are in. The content on your page needs to be relevant to what they are looking for. And more, the content has to be in a listed or enumerated order. It is easier for search engines to index your site when the content is easy to digest.


Some people do SEO halfheartedly. It means they’re using the right keywords and even writing the right content, but they are not optimizing the said content for search engines. SEO is more than about the keywords and key phrases. It’s about using metadata to convince search engines that you are the right web page for the users’ queries. Your page has to be optimized from front to back, which means your content must have the right keywords and these keywords should also be integrated into your backend.


Speaking of content, if yours is not relevant to what your audience wants to know, then what’s the use of being a featured snippet? It will only be a successful marketing campaign if the web users are satisfied with what they find on your site. That’s why it is worth considering to hire a content writer. This person can create valuable content for your site that will attract your target market.