Tampa web design has become such a visual medium. When websites were first conceptualized, we all relied on text to send meanings and messages to the users and viewers. And then, there was the boom in the use of flash videos, graphics, and images. Everything went haywire—websites are filled with cringe-worthy graphics and logos with their blinking neon lights.

But about a decade ago, website designers and developers started to realize that flash videos and the many graphics and images we pack into our websites do not help our goal to be accessible to everyone. Those with a slow internet connection cannot open our websites because of the many images that need to load. As a result, our websites are missing out on opportunities. This should never be the case.

And so begins the long and arduous process of disciplining ourselves to clean the site and stop posting graphics, embedded videos, and high-resolution photos.

So, what kind of images should you use on your Tampa web design? Your photos should not only have the right format, but it should have a purpose, too. You need to build your websites with the right kind of images.

Images That Call Attention

If you are going to put an inquiry form or a call-to-action button on the right side of the screen, make sure to have an image of a person on the left side of the screen. The person should be facing right, though, where your CTA or inquiry form is. That will subconsciously direct the attention of a web visitor to the form or CTA.

Images That Are Sharp and Clear

There is no excuse for grainy, shadowy, and unclear photos on your website. Most devices now have high-definition screens, so your images need to be in HD format, too. Although it is easier to load low-definition images, these are not going to send the right message to your web visitors.

Images With A Clear Purpose

The images you use on your website should complement what your business is all about. If your website is for a spa business, you should show the interior of your spa and how calming and relaxing it is. Make sure that your photos are not for decorative purposes alone. They should help the text send across a message to your target audience.

Images of Your Employees

Clients love the idea of knowing who’s behind the company they hire or support. Posting photos of your employees will humanize them. This is one of the best ways to create a good lasting relationship with your consumers.