So you’ve gone and done it, you’ve hired a Lakeland web design team to handle all of your website design and development needs. Now that the hard part is over, all you need to do is sit back and relax, right? Err, not exactly. While finding and hiring the right web design team is a significant part of the task, the real work is still ahead of you. As a first-time Lakeland web design client, there is a lot of information that your web design team will need from you. Here are some of the things that your web design team will want to discuss with you.

Scope and goals

One of the very first things that your web design team will discuss with you is the scope of the web design project, as well as what your goals for the website are. You may not realize this, but this is a very important point to discuss. This is going to set the foundation for the rest of your web design project because each decision made for your web design project is intended to help meet those goals.


Of course, just as equally important is the discussion of the timeline of the project. Always make sure that there is enough allocated time for the entire duration of the project. Never assume that just because your design looks simple enough, the design team can finish it in a day or two. That is the fastest way to get your design team to resent you. If the team says that it’ll take this period of time to accomplish a specific feature, take their word for it. If you have an urgent deadline for something, don’t be afraid to compromise with them on it.

Method of communication

One the management side of things, your web design team will be discussing with you about the project as a whole, including how they are going to communicate with you and your side in regards to project updates. Whether it’s email, a project management tool, or good old-fashioned face to face updates, this will be your main method of communication with the Lakeland web design team.

Designated contact person

In addition to the method of communication, the design team will be asking you who your designated contact person is. This will be the person who will speak on behalf of your company, so if there are any changes to be made, they will ask that person. You can be the contact person so that you can oversee the progress of the project, or you can designate this role to someone you trust.