Of all of the Lakeland web design trends that you might have followed recently, the most prevalent one today is the use of video content in various online platforms and applications. While most people are familiar with the use of video content for online marketing purposes, they tend to be wary about the use of this in their website design because of how video content can affect website ranking.

This can happen because video content will affect website load speeds, which will have an effect on how well a site ranks. However, when done right, this is easily avoided and can provide your site with plenty of benefits. Read on to learn more about what adding videos can do for your Lakeland web design.

It improves SEO

Many people worry about using video content because of how it can affect SEO rank, but when done right, not only will you avoid a hit to your SEO, but it can improve your site ranking. The reason why this happens is that video content is something that is in strong demand from online users and website owners.

If you provide your site visitors with quality video content that encourages them to stay on your website, then your website metrics will reflect that, which helps boost your site’s rank. However, keep in mind that for this to happen, the implementation of video content on your website has to be done properly.

It’s great for branding

In the age of online technology and social media, the worst thing that can happen to your brand is to fade into obscurity. Being forgotten is something that website owners worry about because this can affect sales and conversions. If you use a great video with an impactful message, you will find that this can do wonders for your website and business branding, which will lead to stronger brand loyalty among your customers.

Provides a better experience for your website visitors

One of the most prevailing Lakeland web design trends today is the need for engagement on websites. Website visitors are no longer content with sitting there and waiting for the message of the website to come out at them while they scroll down.

Instead, they want the chance to engage with the sites that they visit. Video content is a great way to engage with your website visitors online and adds up to a better overall browsing experience for your customers, leading to better site metrics and results.