BrightSky Web Design knows web design. We also realize that there are many pieces that must all come together for a website campaign to be successful and to the lay person it may seem overwhelming. Truthfully when we first were exposed to websites and website marketing we were customers just like you. As business owners we were interviewing web design firms, trying to gleen from each meeting what all these terms meant and how to make sure we were making a good, informed decision.

To us, some companies we met with sorta came off as snake oil salesmen. It was almost intentional the way they were using certain terms and how they explained the process. Almost as if we were dumb and they could get us to buy anything they were selling.

When we decided to enter into this field as an extension of our established communications business, see we wanted our customers to have a much different experience. BrightSky Web Design takes each and every opportunity that comes our way with great seriousness. We realize that your business reputation, resources, time and energy and goals is at stake and if we only accept jobs that we believe in and know we will be able to serve well.

When you’re ready to have a serious conversation regarding any web project or website marketing idea give us a call. We are ready when you are.

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