Lakeland web designThe phrase first impressions last do not only apply on when you’re out on a date. It is also apt for when you’re trying to generate more sales using your Lakeland web design. It is easy to misunderstand the purpose of web designing. Some think it’s merely a portal to invite potential clients to check out your business personally while for others, it’s a way to disseminate information about what’s happening in your business.The truth is, you only have about 8 seconds to make your case and make a website visitor stay and check out what you have to offer. In about a minute into checking out what you have, they should already be thinking about buying your product. That’s how fast a web design should influence the decision of a client.

But the question is, how does one do this? You’ll find a million answers from the internet and from marketing experts, but we’ll break it down for you. Here are some tips to improve your sales through Lakeland web design:

Unique logo

There are millions of corporate logos around the world, hundreds of these are recognizable and have become a brand by themselves. The thing about creating a logo is that it has to be unique and familiar at the same time. You have to make sure the clients can relate to it, but they won’t confuse it with another brand.

First, create a logo that is yours and yours alone. Put this logo on your website’s homepage, and make it a clickable logo, meaning that it is linked to your homepage. Make sure that your logo is ubiquitous in every page.

Color scheme

The traditional print media use light colors because these are more visually appealing. However, when it comes to online, dark colors tend to create more interest and demand more attention. Use color schemes wisely, and make sure they suit your business and the products you offer.

Navigation menu

It should be easy for the visitors to navigate your site, and it shouldn’t be hard for them to click through links and pages to find what they are looking for. Design your site’s layout in such a way that the young and adults alike will appreciate.

You should also be careful about the typography you use. No matter what kind of business you have, make sure the fonts are elegant, clean and very digestible. Never use fonts that are hard to read, or you’ll end up pushing potential clients away.