Before the arrival of Lakeland internet marketing, mobile devices, food apps, eCommerce websites, and social media platforms, food businesses rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and walk-in traffic. Oh, of course, they always want to be featured in newspapers and magazines. Wasn’t that only 10 years ago when we peruse magazines to find new restaurants we can try? It seems so long ago, isn’t it?

These days, home cooks and startups can find success by using digital marketing platforms. They can use social media to sell their food products. Some of them have gone on to become restaurateurs just from featuring their creations on Instagram. So, what kind of Lakeland internet marketing strategies can you employ to improve your food business?

Enable Online Ordering

Remember that you want to reach people from areas not within our vicinity. The only way to do that is by enabling online ordering. Allow them to order packaged food or full-on meals. If you want, you can also sell frozen marinated goods. That will help reach out to more audiences. Customers want to be able to skip the line, especially if they don’t intend to dine in your restaurant. They also want the option of not having to find a parking lot and walk to your store just to get food. The point is to make it as convenient for them as possible.

Publish Food Blogs and Posts

Start a food blog and social media account specifically to share articles and posts about the food that you create. While you don’t need to share the recipes of your bestsellers, you can share some recipes that are not found in your menu.

Don’t worry that you will be missing out on sales if they found out how to cook your food. People dine in restaurants because they are dead-tired from work and don’t want to prep their meals at home. Many can whip up a great meal but don’t have the energy to do so. A blog and a social media account will help raise brand awareness.

Jump on the Food Porn Bandwagon

One of the best ways to promote your food business is by publishing food porn photos. These are photos that are so great that they alone persuade a customer to check out your restaurant. You can also give a five-second “tour” of all the angles of a dish if you want. Make sure to publish these kinds of photos regularly on your feed.