We’ve seen this all before. You will browse through an online shop, put an item on your cart, and leave it hanging like that. You’re still thinking if you’re going to buy it or not. So you went through your day like everything is normal and then, all of a sudden, an email popped on your notification center. You have an email from the exact same online shop you were in earlier. The shop is offering you that item you put in your cart for a 10% discount. That’s just one example of Lakeland internet marketing.

So, how exactly did it happen? Remember that you were “forced” to sign up for an account when you wanted to add an item to your cart? Well, all the information you inputted there is stored in a safe place which only the online shop can access. And sure, it’s safe from hackers, but the data isn’t safe from marketers. This is where good Lakeland internet marketing takes place.

You already have this idea, this knowledge that this person wants this particular item. What is stopping him from checking it out? It’s mostly about the price. We’ll say 90% of the time it’s about the price. You wouldn’t put an item in the cart if it’s not the right size or color or style. So yes, it’s always about the price.

As a marketer, you have access to this person’s contact information—his name, his email address, and his mobile number. What are you going to do to push the sale? If you aren’t going to tap into the data he entered when he signed up for an account, you are going to lose a lot of opportunities. This data has been made readily available. No matter how creepy it is, this potential customer knows the information is out there and it can be used.

Here’s what you should do: send an email with a coupon he can use on that item or on another item. It doesn’t really matter how he uses the discount code as long as he purchases something from your store. That’s an opportunity for your company to prove that you only sell quality products.

But it’s not only this kind of Lakeland internet marketing data that you can tap. You can also use the comments section to get a feel of what customers are looking for and what they want to get from your store. If there is something that they want, they would voice it out on the comments section. Find out the common requests and make a way for these to be offered by your store.