Many people do not fully understand what the implications of a Lakeland web design project are. Some people think that the creation of a web design project simply means arranging fonts and images on a web page and publishing it online.

While this can be true for personal blogs and the like, understand that a fully functional professional website needs a lot more care and work to get right.

One of the biggest reasons why people think that the creation of a web design project is as simple as putting elements together is because all they see is the actual design stage when in reality, there are plenty of other stages that need to be carried out beforehand. Read on to learn more about the first stages of your Lakeland web design.

Client meeting

The very first stage of any web design project always begins with a client meeting. It is the responsibility of the web design agency to learn what the client’s needs for their web design are so that they know how they are going to be approaching the project.

The client’s goals and objectives play a huge role in how the entire web design project is going to progress, so this needs to be handled right away. In addition to this, the client meeting is needed to help make sure that you and your web design team can effectively collaborate together, as well as clarify some of the most important parts of the project progress, such as communication and project updates.


When the client meeting is concluded, the web design team needs to do the research which will be used in the development of the web design.

Research has to be done in order to properly determine how the web design team is expected to handle the web design project. The points of research will involve the target audience, the nature of the industry, and what the client’s competitors are doing. These are needed to help guarantee the success of the web design.

Wireframing and prototyping

Once the research has been completed, the Lakeland web design project moves on to the wireframing and prototyping stage of the project. This is where the web design first starts to take shape. These stages are needed to help the team and client properly visualize how the actual design is going to be pulled off and they tend to be very barebones in terms of design. Do not skip out this stage because it is going to be used to help progress the rest of the web design project.