How can you know what your customers want to see and not want to see? The first thing you need to do is think like a customer. If you open your own website and see it from the perspective of a customer, you’ll be able to see even the tiniest inconsistencies and imperfections on the Orlando web design. It is easier to correct things when you know what you are looking for.

So, how can you start seeing your website from a customer’s perspective? The first thing you have to do is “forget” that you own the website at all. Focus on being a customer. Think of a buyer persona you already have in your marketing data. Take in that persona and think from that perspective. So, for example, you can be a millennial mom who’s starting with her career but with a baby in tow. If your business sells baby products, what will this millennial mom want to see?


Your homepage should be inviting to say the least. It should have a hero image or video. This is basically the first form of media that you will see when you land on the homepage. How did the homepage make you feel? What is it about the homepage that attracts you to browse more of its web pages? What will make you click on the categories on the menu bar?

Product Pages

Now, you’re on the product pages. Somehow, you made it this far. As a customer, you are interested enough to browse away from the homepage and visit the inside pages. You are doing something right as a business owner. The only question is whether you will want to buy. Is the information on the page enough to make you want to buy the product? Do you have more questions that the description on the page cannot answer? Is there a way to reach out to the seller such as through a chatbot, contact form, or direct messaging?

Checkout Page

Then, finally, you are on the checkout page. Too many web designers and developers don’t give much focus on this part of the Orlando web design. The checkout page is a make or break. You either made it so easy for your customers that they will want to buy from your online store over and over again. Or, you made it so difficult that they swear they’ll never go back to your site. So, which is which for you?