Lakeland web designOne of the surefire way to reach your website’s goal is to turn your website into one with a cleaner and sleeker look through the help of a professional Lakeland web design company. As they said, simplicity rules. It doesn’t only make the website look more elegant, but it also reduces the confusion when navigating and it helps achieve the brand’s goals in terms of online presence.A simple website design must not be daunting at all. As long as you work with your web designer, you will be able to guide him on how to properly market your brand through a few words and a decluttered website.

Focus on the essentials

This is probably the most basic tip to simplify your website, but the one most overlooked. Did you just have an “aha” moment? As much as you think this tip is simple and practical, a lot of websites still fail to focus on the essentials and instead, include a lot of unimportant elements on their sites. A lot of you may be guilty of doing this, but it’s quite understandable that identifying what’s essential and important can be hard. After all, at first, every little thing about your business will seem vital.

Apply the 80-20 rule

Think of your website as a whole pie. You need to take out the 80 percent and leave only the 20 percent. That is what’s essential on your website. Most of the time, we think that a website with loads of pages and content will have the more traffic. In fact, we all know that internet traffic is being run by SEOs, those keywords that bloggers and internet marketers use to make it easy for customers to search for their products or services.

Remove the non-essentials

After identifying what’s important in your website and what’s not, it’s time to get rid of that 80 percent. What comprises that 80 percent? Usually, these are social media sharing widgets, sidebar elements, blog post meta details, number of comments, and links in the footer.

Reduce the number of pages

To simplify your website, you need to first do one thing: cut the number of pages. A typical website has the following pages: about us, contact us, blogs, services, products, gallery, news, sign up, tour. By cutting three or more of these pages, you will significantly boost the loading time of your website and make it easy for customers to navigate your site.