webdesignIf you want your customers to stay as far away from your website as possible, it’s very easy to do so. Simply have an unnavigable website, and it’s guaranteed that your customers won’t stay even for a quick comment or rating.

One of the perks of having a professional Lakeland Web Design company like BrightSky Web Design to manage your website is that you’re assured of quality, knowledgeable and professional service.

Here are some of the tips that professional web designers follow in making your company websites:

Create a professional logo that’s linked to the homepage

Surely, you don’t want a company logo that looks like it has been made by a five-year-old? Your logo speaks of your brand, so you need to use high-resolution image, and feature it prominently on your website. It’s always suggested, too, that the logo is linked back to the website’s homepage.

Use navigation buttons smartly

Most navigation buttons can be found on the top of the webpage in a horizontal orientation, making it easy for visitors to navigate its drop-down menu. There are also navigation buttons on the sidebar that suggests the trending topics or recent blog posts on the site. As for less important details of the page, you should place these in the footer instead of cluttering the main navigation menu.

Avoid cluttering your website

Companies are guilty of cluttering their websites with unnecessary images, gifs, pop-up ads, graphics, etc. The first thing I do when I encounter websites like these is to close my browser. We all hate navigating through that stuff, so don’t let your visitors suffer the same fate. Remember that these images can distract your visitors from the messages you’re trying to send across.

Limit your color scheme

While we all like for our websites to be visually appealing with colors, remember this doesn’t always mean we have to use 12 different colors for one page. Try to limit your color scheme to two to three colors, so that your website will have a clean and simple layout. It will also be easy on the eyes.

Provide breathing room for readers

Can you imagine reading an article without spaces between the paragraphs? That’s a total eyesore. You need to create space between the paragraphs, between the images and the article, and between the header and the article’s title. You don’t want your visitors suffering from headache because you’re not generous with space, right?