One of the biggest misconceptions that plenty of people have about Lakeland web design is the idea that all you need for good website design is good visual design. The problem with this kind of thinking is that there is much more to good website design than meets the eye.

A large part of what makes for successful web design is the user’s experience on the website. There is no point in having a visually appealing Lakeland web design if your users have difficulty navigating through it. Here are three mobile UX mistakes you could be making with your own design.

Failing to take file size into consideration

One of the biggest mistakes that designers make when they are putting their UX together for responsive web design. It can be easy to disregard the size of your files when you’re going to be designing for desktop, but a file size that is fine for a desktop version of a website might not translate well to the mobile version.

The problem with this is that your users might end up waiting for a long time for the website to load, which can result in a higher bounce rate and a lower website rank on search engine results. You have to optimize your files to the smallest possible size without compromising quality so that the experience is uniform across all devices.

Assuming that all navigation is the same

Good navigation is a very important part of the user experience of a website’s design. However, you should keep in mind that the browsing patterns of a desktop user are different compared to the browsing patterns of a mobile user.

You should never make the mistake of assuming that all platforms are to be browsed in the exact same way because you can end up confusing your users. You should make sure that you take the platform that you’re designing for into serious consideration if you want to make sure that you provide a good user experience across all platforms.

Hiding content to fit everything on a mobile screen

It can be very easy where this idea comes from if you’re going to be designing for the mobile version of your Lakeland web design. After all, if there is extra content on your website, wouldn’t it be easier for you to simply hide the content and provide a drop-down menu for your users to click on to access the rest of the content? The problem with this is that your users expect the content that they need in one place, so if you go against that expectation, you may lose out on a significant percentage of your users.