Oh, if only your Lakeland website design can talk. It will tell us a lot of things about what it needs and what it thinks the web visitors want to see when they land on the homepage. We would learn more about our businesses and our websites if only our design can talk. But alas, we do not live in a sci-fi Hollywood film where anything is possible, where cars fly and robots roam the streets.

The reality is that we never truly know what’s wrong with our website design even if we analyze the data and the figure we receive from Google analytics. So what do you think your website is trying to tell you?

You Need To Update Me

Your website design is probably screaming that it wants to be updated. It’s not about new content, but about possibly new versions of the program installed in it. If you are still using old programs like the flash player, chances are that your website is not working properly or at least, very poorly. This will affect the health of your website and it’s ranking on search engines. More than anything else, customers hate a website that looks unkempt and antiquated.

I Need More Content

Yes, your website might be screaming that it needs more content. Where visitors are often clicking on the link and landing on your homepage so you do not have a problem about your presence. The problem is that once they arrive on your website, they could not find anything of value. Nothing is relevant to them. Your website might be screaming that it needs more content to show off to it with visitors. It takes not more than a couple of hours to create a blog post. If you are that busy, you can hire content writers that will create blog posts for your website.

I’m Bogged Down

Sometimes, your website is just bogged down because of too many things happening all at once. Things like failure to update widgets and plugins can cause the website to perform poorly. You need to check if there are updates and download those updated regularly. These updates are developed to prevent hacking and data breach. Making sure the site is secured is the most important things you need to do.

Kindly Declutter Me Please

If your website is carrying too many information, it may result in poor performance and slow loading time. If your Lakeland website design can only talk, it would probably demand that you remove older posts, stock photos, and dead links to free up some space.