E-commerce has gone a long way since 1995. It is not massively important in the success of every business. In terms of scale, relevance, and volume, at least 83% of Americans have purchased an item from the internet in the past year. During the holiday season, e-commerce competes with big retail stores for a slice of that holiday pie. There is no question that your Tampa web design must also conform to these changes in trends and the impact of e-commerce on its market.

Make Everything Simple

From a minimalistic design to the checkout process, navigating an e-commerce website should be simple and easy. If customers tend to get lost in the process of paying for the items, they will abandon the cart and look for another website (most probably your competitor’s site). Finding products on your website, putting those in the cart, and checking them out should be a breeze.

Establish the Brand’s Identity

There are many counterfeit websites on the internet. The only thing that separates them from the brand’s true website is the identity of the brand. In an authentic website, you will see the brand’s character in every aspect and element of the Tampa web design. The color scheme, fonts, white space, images, and text will all deliver to highlight the brand’s identity. Make sure that everything looks professional on your website so that it won’t be easy to duplicate.

Keep the Buyer’s Journey in Mind

You have to understand how a buyer can go from a casual looker to a loyal customer. First, they land on your homepage. Then, they browse the products. If they are looking for a specific product, they will use the search bar to type in the keywords. When they do find the products, they want to see a clear photo, detailed description, additional information, check out and payment modes, and confirmation of the order. It’s fairly simple. You don’t need to make a complicated web design that will only confuse the customers.

Use the Right Colors

A buyer’s decision is influenced by the colors of the website. As a general rule, web designers use white to highlight the products than the website. Service-oriented websites choose green and blue to signify trust while food and other grocery websites use red because it signals hunger. Make the call-to-action button a different color in your Tampa web design, so it will draw the user’s eyes. These buttons must stand out to increase the site’s conversion rate.