The world has forever been altered by the coronavirus pandemic. The Lakeland marketing industry is no different than any other industry—restaurant and hospitality, retail, and health care—in the world that has been heavily impacted by the pandemic. To be different and to thrive in 2021 and the years beyond, you have to upgrade your skills and offer more than your usual fare of marketing expertise.


Search engine optimization (SEO) will even be more critical next year as customers stay at home and rely on the internet for their shopping. If you do not know SEO or do not optimize your website for search engines, you will have a hard time reaching your markets. SEO is what puts websites on top of the search engine results.


Big data is, well, big. It shapes industries, policies, and regulations. Knowing analytics will make you a better marketer. Mastering analytics will make your strategies foolproof. It will help your clients achieve their goals. You won’t only become a better marketer, but you will ultimately win over other clients, too. Every digital marketer worth his salt will know how to handle analytics and use the results to their clients’ advantage.

Video Creation

While you do not need to be the one to shoot or even make the video, you should definitely understand the power that it wields. Videos are the most important tools for marketers right now. It is through videos that many companies are training and retraining their employees. They also used videos via animation and infographics to educate their customers about their Covid-19 response.

As a marketer, you should be able to tell a videographer what you need in a video. If you do not have a grasp on video marketing, you are going to have a hard time competing in the market.

Content Writing

More than 75% of marketers consider content writing as “extremely important” in Lakeland marketing. Content is king. That’s what they said several years back and it became a kind of marketing cliché. It still holds true today, though, as it will hold true in 2021 and beyond. Now more than ever, with a learned and educated audience, marketers need to create valuable and relevant content.

Next year is going to be a challenge but tried-and-tested marketing strategies will remain the cornerstone of every business. Marketers need to update and upgrade their marketing skills to survive what lies ahead for the industries.