Social media share buttons are important even if you don’t do social media. Though at this point in time, why wouldn’t you have a social media presence? Anyone running a business should understand how powerful social media is. Why? Because sharing your site’s content on social media has a direct impact on your Lakeland SEO and page ranking. So, if you want your website to do better on search engine results, you should put an optimum on SEO and social media.

These buttons come in many forms and are placed all over one’s website. Of course, the most popular remains to be that blue and white button with the letter F for Facebook and the symbol for a camera for Instagram. That blue bird symbolizes Twitter while the cursive letter P is for Pinterest. That symbol of a white ghost on a yellow background is for Snapchat while the letters “in” on a blue background is for LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, even with the popularity of social media, many businesses and their websites still fail to adequately put social media share buttons on their pages. They still don’t realize how important these buttons are to the overall ranking of a website.

Search engine optimization or Lakeland SEO is one of the most critical elements of a website when it comes to organic ranking on search engine results. SEO is a result of non-paid traffic, meaning Google knows when a visit to your website is born out of a pay-per-click ad. Adding share buttons on your website increases the chances of your site gaining organic traffic. While Google uses many signals to rank a website, chief among these signals is the number of times your page has been liked, shared, tweeted, and posted on social media.

Google has always been adamant that social media shares have no direct cause to a page’s ranking. However, several instances have already shown that pages are more likely to rank higher on search engine results if they were shared and retweeted on social media.

The funny thing about social media share buttons is that they are so easy to add on one’s page that it’s a wonder why web designers and developers aren’t doing it. All it takes is a bit of wiggle room on the page’s design to accommodate these buttons. Any web designer can do that. You can do that. If you visit your site’s dashboard, you’ll find there are options to add social media share buttons on your page. It’s so easy that you should be doing it right now.