Web design trends will continue to evolve. And because technology has been developing at such a rapid pace, the possibilities are endless. Although previous trends and designs such as minimalism and color flat illustrations will continue to dominate, Tampa web design experts will reinvent and play with extremes.

Dark Mode

Have you noticed that Apple recently came out with a dark mode? The Cupertino-based tech company has finally succumbed to the idea of going dark. And why not? Dark mode web designs look ultra-modern. They are easy on the eyes and they make colors and elements pop. Consumers want dark mode, too, because they are great for OLED screens. They save power and extend screen lifespans.

Hand-drawn Design Elements

Imperfect hand-drawn design elements add a touch of personality and emotion to the websites. Adding these elements to your website will give visitors a glimpse into your brand’s personality. The trend has a positive effect on people. And in this world full of negative emotions, we all need a little bit of positivity into our lives.

Interactive 3D Design

There were many uses of 3D technology this year, but there will be more by 2020. 3D technology has always delighted people. Website owners want them because they are fun and interactive. However, the hefty price tag held them back. Now that it’s more affordable, more designers will use 3D in their web elements and designs.

Floating Designs

Floating designs make the elements look like they are on 3D technology. The designs are more layered and they add depth to the elements. You can use the floating design tech on images, text, and graphics. If you want to add some extra oomph to 2D designs, you can do so by using soft drop shadows and layering the elements on top of each other.

Mixing Photographs With Graphics

It used to be that graphics are made by designers. They were not real photographs. But in 2020, we’ll see more and more realistic images being integrated into the graphics of a website. Whether the images are of products or people, this trend will help brands and websites stand out from the crowd. It will also allow designers to be as creative as they need to be.

White Frames

We all know about white space, but how about using white frames for the web design? These frames highlight the images more. It makes the visuals of the Tampa web design shine better. It also helps prioritize the important elements of the website, bringing them together to create a cohesive message.