Taking over from a previous Lakeland web design project is never easy. What’s even more difficult is handling the redesign of a project that you never even worked on. However, it does happen. Some clients decide to move on from web design companies and seek out the services of another design company.

Or some clients have an old website that they never got around to updating until now. No matter the reason, it can be pretty hard to take over from a previous web design project since it feels like you’re starting over from the beginning. To help you out, here are some tips to help you handle the redesign of an old Lakeland web design project.

Understand why a redesign is in order

One of the very first things you should be doing when handling an old web design redesign is to sit down and discuss with the client their reasons why they want a website redesign. This is a very important factor in figuring out what has to be done in order to meet your clients’ needs and goals for their websites.

Whether the issue what that the website is outdated, it’s not converting well, or if the analytics are reflecting badly on the website, understanding the reason for the redesign is essential to making sure that the redesign meets the client’s needs. Make sure that you verify all of these issues with the site analytics so that you can be sure of where you and your team need to focus on.

Come up with a plan to approach the redesign project

Now that you know what the client needs out of the new Lakeland web design, it’s time to meet with your team to discuss the best course of action to take in regards to the website redesign.

It’s important that everyone in the team is properly oriented with the specifics of the redesign project because your team will not be familiar with the project unless they are properly oriented.

Make sure that you identify which parts of the web design project needs the most focus so that you know where best to allocate your team’s resources.

Carry out the redesign project

Now that you’ve properly planned out the new Lakeland web design, it’s time to carry out the design. While working on the website redesign, it’s important to maintain consistent communication with your clients in order to make sure that you’re meeting expectations from the website redesign.