Every web designer has a personal process that he follows in completing a Tampa web design. The process is mostly personal and has nothing to do with the client. No matter who the client is—a small business or a large company—this process wouldn’t change. It’s a tried-and-tested formula that has worked for all of his clients. But at the core of this process are these three simple steps: planning, execution, and maintenance.


Every web designer will create a master plan together with the client. The client shall provide the general direction of the web design, but the designer will input his ideas on how to make the website effective and goal-oriented. For example, the client owns an online store that sells baby products. He wants a shabby chic theme for the website. That’s a general theme that will guide the web designer into creating something amazing.

The designer, for his part, will suggest certain color schemes, navigational elements, and even CTA (call-to-action) buttons. These are the tiny details that the store owner may not consider in deciding the overall theme of the website. the designer will also choose the fonts, how much white space is needed, and the overall tone of the website.


During the execution process, the owner will get milestone reports. The reports will indicate the progress of the project, as well as the various challenges and successes the web designer needed to face and solve. Mostly, this part of the process is designer-focused. This is when the client needs to trust the web designer to make the right decisions when it comes to the execution of the plan.

Once the website was finished, the client will be given time to review every facet of the site. It won’t go live until the client approved every element. It is the responsibility of the client to ask questions that are unclear to him. And the web designer is obligated to explain elements of the Tampa web design.


Most web designers will offer to maintain the site for you, though this would require an extra fee. It’s better to pay the web designer and developer because when your site lags and crashes, it will spell big trouble for your business. If your business is online-focused, you need to hire someone specifically to maintain and regularly check the site. This will ensure that all data are safe and secure and that all elements of the website are working properly.