Ease of navigation? Accessibility? Loading speed? All of these are important elements of a Tampa web design, but not nearly as important as the proper use of whitespace.

What is whitespace? It is the blank space on the sides of a webpage, in between the letters and lines, between the images and the text, and the main background for many major websites. Macy’s, Amazon, Target, and Walmart all use white for their background. Why is that? Why not, like many artsy-fartsy websites, these online retail stores make use of their colors—red for Macy’s, black for Amazon, and blue for Walmart?

Many web designers and developers make the mistake of trying to utilize every inch of a webpage, thinking that not using them would render them useless or it is a waste of good space. The truth is that whitespace is the foundation of good web design. Every element that a Tampa web design will have is dependent on the existence of negative space; a blank canvas that will give life to that hamburger menu or the flipping gallery of photos.

If used correctly, whitespace can transform a design and provide many benefits to a website. Designers and developers need to create a website that’s easy on the eyes. You want people to keep reading and not leave your website because the colors and the layout are distracting.

Increased Legibility

Whitespace between characters and around images and blocks of text can make the content more legible to the web visitors. When users land on your site, they should be able to understand what was written so they know what they need to do, where they need to navigate, and how they should react.

More Interaction

A research done by Human Factors International found out that whitespace improves comprehension by as much as 20%. When there’s enough whitespace on your website, this prevents the people from getting distracted. It then improves the interaction of the web user with your website. They are more likely going to navigate farther than the homepage.

Highlight CTA (call-to-action)

Your site’s call-to-action buttons are essential to guiding clients. The CTA tells clients what they must do upon landing on your website. Do they call your office? Do they visit your office? Do they check your social media? Should they make an order online or by phone? Although most CTAs are in big, bold letters, placing them on whitespace is more effective.