You can choose two ways to add social share buttons on your Tampa web design. You can add them as static buttons or as floating share buttons. What are social share buttons anyway? You’ve seen these but just don’t know what they are called. Social share buttons are the logos of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn that are on a web page. You can click these buttons to share the content of the blog with your social media network.

Static is when the buttons are placed either on top or the bottom of the screen. You lose sight of these buttons when you scroll the page. If you want to share the content, you have to find these buttons again by scrolling the page. Floating buttons, on the other hand, appear on the side of the page as you scroll the page. This means at any point that you want to share the content, you can do so. You only need to look to the floating sidebar to find the icon that you want to share the content with.

Which is better between the two? Static or floating? Static share buttons are one of the most popular ways to include these share buttons on your page. Web users are so used to looking under the headline for these icons. However, because of the flightiness of most web users, it is better to use a floating feature for social share buttons.

This allows them to share the content no matter where they are on the page. The problem with static buttons is that web users can “forget” about wanting to share the content once they are done reading or watching it. They usually just close the window and forget about the fact that they originally wanted to share the content on their own pages.

Floating share buttons will solve that issue. Seeing those buttons on the page will trigger their decision to share the blog and even copy a portion of it on their post. It’s like a constant reminder that you have to share what you are reading or watching. The only thing you need to be careful about with floating share buttons is they tend to be intrusive. Make sure that these buttons are small enough not to distort the web users’ view but large enough that they are noticeable.

Choosing between static and floating social share buttons for your Tampa web design might sound trivial, but this little detail can spell the difference between success and failure.