There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about what it means to run a website and to create a Tampa web design. Many website owners have the idea that all they need to have a good website is to create a visually pleasing website. While this is always a great addition to your website, this isn’t the only thing that you should be focusing on.

Doing so will only result in a drop in your search engine rankings, which can affect the success of your website as a whole. To make sure that your Tampa web design succeeds in what you need it to do, learn about some reasons why Google doesn’t like your website.

Your website is slow

The biggest indicator of how well your website is faring is largely dependent on your website metrics. No matter what kind of notions you harbor about your website, none of it can be valid unless you compare it against your website’s metrics. It’s very important that you refer to your website metrics when you’re trying to determine the effectiveness of your website, as this is the most straightforward way of determining what needs to be changed with your website’s design.

One metric that you need to pay attention to is your site’s bounce rate, which tells you if people are staying on your website or not. If your website is slow, there is a strong tendency that your website’s bounce rate will be high, so it’s important that you look into this.

You don’t think about mobile-users

Mobile technology is the tech of choice of the general online population, so it’s very important that you take these users into consideration when you’re putting your website together. Search engines are also more likely to award mobile-responsive websites with higher site rankings, so this is definitely something that you need to think about.

The links on your website are bad

When a search engine sends out bots to crawl through your site to determine its rank, one of the factors that it’s going to take into consideration is your site’s links. You should make sure that your site’s links are of good quality and are not considered “dead links”. You’re going to have to test these beforehand to be sure.

Your content is bad

Of course, content is always going to be a crucial part of what makes up a good Tampa web design. You cannot have a good website without good content. If you don’t have good quality content, then you will find that Google is less likely to award your website with a good rank.