Too many businessmen make the mistake of never checking out their competitors when they’re having their Tampa web design developed. But a good web designer knows this is one of the first questions that a potential client needs to answer: what is your competitor doing? The competition you have in the same industry will impact the way your website will look like.

If you’re starting in the industry and you don’t have an idea what your target market is looking for, a quick look at successful businesses and their websites will give you a good grasp of what your audience wants. If you are in the retail industry and you plan to launch an online shop, take a good long look at what Amazon has built. Seeing as it is the largest online store for anything under the sun (including food), it is worth noting that it made its website seamless, easy to navigate, well-categorized, and easy to the eyes.

There is nothing on Amazon’s web design that will confuse the web visitor. Everything has a purpose. You only need to click the Amazon logo for the site to take you back to the homepage. Checking out items is easy with the one-click checkout option. The site will calculate the items for you, so you know if you’re eligible for free shipping. The website also uses videos to promote the items for sale.

A good web designer knows that one of the things that will make your site a standout is to be different from your competitors. While you can use other websites as a basis for the Tampa web design, that’s only as far as it can take you. The web designer will be responsible for incorporating elements and trendy approaches that will make your site more functional.

How about using a bot for your website? Sure, your competition boasts of its impressive response time but will there be anything faster than artificial intelligence? This software will answer inquiries in seconds. Your customers will be impressed with your response time and that will make them want to recommend you to their network.

What other elements of your competitor’s website can you incorporate and improve upon on your site? How about an appointment system if you are in the medical field? For retailers, how about a size guide that will recommend the right size to you based on the brands you already have in your closet?