A resume cannot weed out unqualified people. Sometimes, their qualifications look so good on a resume that you immediately assume that they are the best-skilled people for your company. That’s not necessarily true, especially when it comes to hiring people for Tampa web design. It’s challenging to look for a web designer because you don’t have prior experience or knowledge about it.

There is nothing worse than hiring the wrong person for your company. You’ll immediately regret the decision after the first day. So yes, not every designer you will hire is going to do great in your company, but there are two things you need to look at before deciding to hire a web designer.

Understand What You Need and What Type of Freelancer Can Do the Job

There are two components to building a website. The first one is the website design and the second one is website coding. Then, you have two options when it comes to hiring the right person for the job. You can hire a website designer to design the website and another one to code it for you. Or, you can hire a generalist who can do both (someone who can design and do code).

There are three different skills of website designers, developers, and graphic designers. Web designers create the layout of the website. Developers code these designs to make a website from the ground up. Graphic designers, meanwhile, create images, infographics, and other types of media for the website.

Understand How to Judge the Skills of a Web Designer

It’s easy to understand how to judge the hard skills of a designer. You have to look at their skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, jQuery, PHP, and JavaScript. You can evaluate these skills by looking at their previous works. You can determine their experiences by looking at their portfolio. You may also check the websites they have built.

What’s difficult is determining the soft skills—communication, project management skills, and time management skills. These are also important factors in deciding whether to hire a designer or not. The ability of a web designer or developer to communicate clearly and manage the different projects they hold will also be a determining factor of the depth of their experiences and skills.

While it isn’t easy to look for someone to make your Tampa web design, these factors will make it possible to find someone who can deliver the kind of output you need, and who will fit into your company’s culture.