Even before the pandemic upended all of our lives and livelihood, the web and e-commerce demands are in full swing. Businesses—large and small—want to have their own mobile online shops. They understand how easily accessible these mobile sites are to their target audience. This convenience pushed them to invest in mobile websites and even apps. But what we didn’t realize was how much more impact the pandemic is going to have on the Tampa web design industry.

A report from Computer Economics showed that the percentage of information technology (IT) staff that’s dedicated e-commerce increased by 4.2% in the middle of 2019. That was the highest percentage in the past five years before 2019. It was 3.2% higher than in the same period from the year before. This number should be higher during the height of the outbreak from March to May.

And as the new normal sets into place, the outbreak will drive even more growth in the e-commerce and Tampa web design industry. Even before the pandemic happened, there was already a prediction that there will be an increase in the need for e-commerce experts. But the pandemic rushed forth that demand because people began staying more at home.

People Are Going Digital

The pandemic forced people to spend more time digitally than with each other. As if they weren’t already spending all their time digitally before but now, people have nothing to do but browse the internet. Every business now understands how important their presence is on the internet. They might not want to invest in mobile applications and e-commerce stores before but this is a need now and not a luxury.

Even small businesses signed up for social media accounts as soon as the government said people should stay more at home. They understood that since people won’t be able to spend time outside their houses, they will likely be online in the virtual world. So, how can they meet them there? The competition is tougher on the internet. You’ll have competitions coming from all over the world, so how can you stand out?

It’s by making sure your e-commerce store is up to standard. Everyone is investing in e-commerce, so why should you be left out? If you haven’t made the big jump to e-commerce before, now is the perfect time to do it. Make sure that your Tampa web design will complement the brand you built for your business before.