The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us in ways that will stay with us forever. If you have a business, it has surely suffered because you need to close down your operations or follow curfew hours. There are fewer people in the streets, too, so that means fewer customers for you. If you have a presence online, perhaps this is the best time to capitalize on that. Look at your Orlando web design first because it might need certain updates before you begin your digital marketing strategy.

As a general rule, you should update your website annually to keep it performing optimally. Most websites are bogged down by their design elements after only a couple of years, so make sure you clean the backend and update every software and widget every year. This will keep the site running smoothly.

Post a Message About the Pandemic

You cannot ignore how the pandemic has affected your business. Whether you need to shut down operations or practice physical distancing, the pandemic has changed the dynamics of managing your company. Be transparent to your audience. Tell them how the crisis is affecting your production process and operations. Post a message about the pandemic on your homepage. If you are doing something to help the frontliners, then post about that, too. Your customers must be reminded that amidst all these, you are very much like them, too.

Make the Website Load Faster

Most of the global population are in home quarantine. They’re annoyed and frustrated and scared. If they want to visit your website, you should be able to give them the best experience possible. But if your site is slow to load, then you’re only adding to the frustration that they feel. You will fuel that annoyance they have about getting stuck at home or worrying about their finances and their lives after this. Make sure your website can provide accurate information about your products and services. Be a source of relief rather than add to their frustration.

Change the Colors, Themes, Etc.

If you have to change anything major on your Orlando web design, perhaps now is the time to do that. Just make sure it won’t take much time because some of your customers may want to browse through your website for information about your products and services. This is the best time to reinvent and readjust the colors and themes of your web design. You can even experiment a little bit with your design. Post a message on social media if your website will be offline for a few days.