How can online stores survive the onslaught of different marketing ideas without Instagram? Focusing on one social media platform allows a business to build around the advantages and benefits the platform presents. For Instagram, it has always been about visuals. The power of visuals influences the kind of Lakeland marketing services you need for your business because now, there is a definite component that you need to hone and develop—visuals.

There is no longer any question what your Lakeland marketing services need to do. You know that visuals will attract more people and will get your audience to understand your business better.

Instagram tells stories

Instagram was the first platform to popularize Instagram stories which allow users to post temporary stories about their everyday lives for their followers to see. These stories are separate from the actual Instagram feed which is part of your overall profile.

People love stories and one of the best stories to tell them are the behind-the-scenes actions in your company. Show them how the products are being made and introduce to them the various people necessary for your business to grow.

Instagram relies on visual content

Studies have found out that people are 650% more likely to engage in a post that has a photo on it rather than those with text only. This makes Instagram the ideal platform for your business because you post well-curated photos that will connect and resonate with your audience.

You can also incorporate the imagery you use on Instagram on other marketing channels such as your blog and email newsletters. You’ll know which images connect more with your audience because of the number of likes and shares.

Instagram encourages feedback and insight

If you’re not already monitoring what customers are saying about your company on social media, then you’re doing it all wrong. Even if your customers don’t use the proper hashtags related to your products and services, they are already posting about your company.

They’re posting photos of the products they bought and the services they availed. They’re leaving little snippets of their reviews and recommendations. These posts give you a good look into what your customers are actually thinking about your brand.

Instagram helps monitor the competition

You should follow your competitors and see what they are up to and how they are using the platform to engage with their audience. Not only will you learn a lot about their interactions, but you would also see the best marketing practices on the platform.