Lakeland web designWebsite design trends come and go. Now we see them, the next year we don’t. But what seems to be sticking around is the single-page design, though this is more popular for websites offering an app or a single product. A single-page Lakeland web design makes for a cleaner and more streamlined website.But the single-page site is not for everyone. If your website offers more information than normal, you may want to check out a different layout than the single-page layout. There are many pros and cons of this particular layout, so study them hard before finally deciding to use it for your site.

Here are the benefits of the single-page layout web design:


Nothing is easier to navigate as a single-page website. Visitors don’t need to learn how to navigate your site, and they can simply scroll through the screen to find the information they need.

It’s easy to understand, allowing even the more mature generation to view your site with breeze. It’s also a perfect layout for mobile browsers, which can have difficulty opening multitude of landing pages.

Scrolling, since the advent of mobile technology, is now second nature to most people.


As mentioned above, single-page layouts can be optimized easily for mobile users. These templates remain largely the same whether they are viewed on desktop computers or smartphones.

Instead of having to optimize a different version of your site for mobile phones, a one-page layout will keep it responsive regardless of where you view the site.

Higher conversion rates

Whether you measure your conversion rates through newsletter sign-ups or inquiries or subscriptions, the single-page layout will work better for your website.

Because every step of the process is on a single page, customers can make the decision sooner and faster. They can begin subscribing to your website as soon as they open the site because everything is already on your “homepage.”

Easy maintenance

Nothing is easier to manage than a one-page Lakeland web design. You only need to clean up one page and check for signs that it’s slowing down.

Instead of having to go page to page, a one-page layout will make maintaining faster. Clean up will also be a breeze.

So, before finally deciding to have a one-page layout, see that you have reviewed all the benefits of it. You have to assess if it’s the right fit for your site, and whether or not these factors will be beneficial for your site as well.