Social Media MarketingThe power of Social Media Marketing is often put aside because we tend to focus on the strategies rather than on the benefits. So, why do we need to see the benefits first? Simply said, understanding the power and the benefits of social marketing will also help us craft our action plans to harness all of its potentials.Here are some benefits of Social Media Marketing that business owners need to understand fully:

Increase brand awareness

There is no easier way to introduce your brand than through social media. How many times has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms introduce a new concept or idea to you? Where did you first hear about Pokemon Go? Didn’t your friend suddenly gushed about the game, making your curious?

More than two-thirds of the country use social media, so that means one post, one hashtag can reach millions of Americans. It is simply the perfect channel to promote your business to your target audience, and even to those who are not part of your demographics.

Validate a brand

When consumers discover something new–whether a product, a service, or an event–they want to know as much as they can about it. What do they do? They research on the Internet. But it’s not merely Google they turn to these days. They go on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and search for the business’ page. If it doesn’t have a Facebook page yet, there seems to be an understanding that the company is not legitimate, or that it has no actual experience yet to speak of.

Having your own social media accounts will allow your business to reach out to potential customers–answer their queries, make a pitch to them, and address their concerns. Likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram will validate just how legitimate your company is.

Improves customer satisfaction

How many times have you tried to reach out to a company through its Facebook page? Plenty, right? The social media accounts of these companies are the most accessible and easiest way for customers to either air their grievances to or heap praises to. Not many customers want to compose an email to a company just to praise it for a job well done.

In turn, you also have a direct access to your customers. You can see their posts, they can tag you on their photos, and you can answer their questions directly. This is an instant way to bond with them and prove that you mean serious business.