Do you sometimes find yourself looking blankly at your blog’s Orlando web design? You can’t think of any topic to write about. It’s alright, plenty of bloggers find themselves searching for topics, too. Don’t be fooled into thinking that some of the most successful blogs out there just naturally come up with interesting topics to talk about.

If you have a particular niche, you should stick to that. Every time you get an idea about it, write it down and go from there. One idea can give birth to several other topics and each of those topics can lead to other ideas. This is called ideation. But what happens when ideation doesn’t work anymore? Where can you find topics that you can write about?


You’ve probably heard about and used Quora. It’s a platform where you can ask questions and receive answers from its other web users. People often contribute unique insights and quality answers to the questions. Ask anything and you will enjoy reading about the answers. Search about your niche on Quora. There are plenty of topics there that can light a bulb in your head.


If you want to find out what other people are reading and want to read, this is a good platform to use. You can even check out how your competitors are faring. Which of the topics you’re thinking of doing will interest your audience more?

Keyword Research

Do you know how to make a simple keyword research so that the topics can complement your niche and your Orlando web design? Go to your favorite search engine. Type in the keyword for a topic. The auto-search function will fill up the details for you. There will also be several suggested topics related to the keyword you typed in the search box.

Then, there’s also a keyword tool website, where you can get a list of keywords that will inspire blog ideas. The good thing about these tools is that they will also allow you to see how good the keywords are doing on search engines.


And sometimes, it’s as easy as this: ask your followers what topic they want you to write about. Maybe they’re curious about your thoughts on a certain issue. You could write about that. This is also a good way to engage your followers and get to know them better. When you hear about the topics they are interested in, it’ll also help you come up with better ideas in the future.