Cart abandonment is not always a marketing issue. It is not always about the shipping fee or the checkout process. Sometimes, it is about the whole Orlando web design. If your customers find it hard to browse through your website and find the checkout button, they will most likely abandon the cart and never go back to complete the purchase. That is why it is worth looking at your Orlando web design whenever your cart abandonment rates start to go up.

Your Shopping Cart Has No “Continue Shopping”

When your customers plan to purchase many items from your site, they want the feature of a continue shopping button on your shopping cart. What does continue shopping means? Whenever someone puts an item in the shopping cart, they should be able to continue with their shopping by going back on the previous page without clicking the back button.

Many websites don’t even have this feature in their online store. Customers might find it inconvenient to click on the back button every time they put an item in the shopping cart. Also, it might be wise not to show the list of items they already have in their carts every time they try to put an item in it. Instead, let them continue putting items in the cart and let them access that cart when they are done shopping.

Your Product Images Are Blurry and Grainy

Customers might also abandon the shopping carts when they review it and found that your products do not even have proper image quality. Do not let your customers second-guess their decision to purchase items from your website. Upon reviewing the list of items that they put in the cart, they should be excited to check out the items and not try to delete or remove the items from the cart because they are unimpressed with the quality of the product images.

Your Website Is Asking for Too Much Information

What kind of information should you ask from your customers when they try to check out the items from their carts? You only need to know their full name, shipping address, billing address, contact numbers, and payment option. Anything more than that will make a customer suspicious. They might think that you’re trying to know more information about them so you can market products at a later time. They might also think that you will sell this information to other marketing agencies. If they really want to subscribe to your newsletter, make that option available to them before checkout.