Mobile is the technology of choice today. From lighter laptops to superpowered smartphones, tech companies are doing what they can to make online users’ mobile experiences as effective as possible. Because of this, Orlando web design companies are doing what they can to keep up and make sure that their websites and site designs are capable of meeting the demand for more mobile-friendly technology and experiences.

Today, having a mobile-friendly website is more of a requirement than an option today, but not only should your website be mobile-friendly, but it should also keep up with current design trends to avoid the risk of having your Orlando web design look old. To help you out, here are some design trends for mobile that you can use for your own web design.

Maximize screen space

If you’ve been paying attention to the general trend of the development of technology, you may have noticed that desktops and laptops have gotten smaller, and smartphones have gotten bigger. Because of the larger phone screens, designers and developers have to maximize this screen space to place emphasis on content and experience, including the implementation of a button-less design and a gesture-focused experience.


Personalization was a significant focus in web design, even years ago, but nowadays, there is a stronger emphasis on providing an even stronger personalization experience for users. Take services like Spotify and Netflix, for example, they display music and movie suggestions based on a number of factors to create a personalized experience, such as location and user history. These factors contribute to create a profile of you as a user, and uses all of this information to create suggestions and personalize your experience on the service.

Alternative log-in options

Smartphones are rigged out with all sorts of features nowadays, including fingerprint and facial recognition technology. It is now fairly commonplace to implement this sort of technology into websites as an alternative log-in option. Typing in passwords is no longer the only option that people have to rely on to access their accounts.

Stronger security options

With all of the new forms of technology that collects information and data from its users coming out, security is a stronger concern now more than ever, even when it comes to your Orlando web design. It’s important to be upfront with your users about what you do with their user data so that they are aware of how their data is being handled.