The Orlando web design trends for 2021, especially as they pertain to eCommerce websites, will even be more compelling. The pandemic forced many consumers to shop online rather than in physical stores. This means they are spending more time online than in brick-and-mortar stores. With the enormous time they are spending on online stores, retail companies must impress new and old customers. Their eCommerce web design must communicate clearly to customers what their companies are all about.

So, what is modern and cutting edge when it comes to web design this year? How can your eCommerce design attract more customers?

Multidirectional Layouts

Websites can’t be boring today. Even if the websites intend to just sell products and services, they must put new ideas into their navigation. One of the most popular layouts to emerge in the past couple of years is the multidirectional layout. Basically, elements of your web design don’t just move vertically and horizontally, but also diagonally. This allows web users to navigate the website whichever way they want to.


This kind of design element was popularized in the early 2010s because of the influence of jazz. Fast forward to 2021 and the futurism and surrealism aspects of this aesthetic are making people nostalgic. As a visual element, Vaporwave refers to the mix of retro, pop, jazz, the 70s, 80s, and 90s. You can also use psychedelic fonts and neon pastel colors to make them more appealing to the audience.


At the center of all important Orlando web design elements is navigation. This remains to be the core of every web design. But for 2021, navigation is more than just the hamburger menu. It can be the center stage. Instead of the homepage bearing information on what web users can find in the inside pages, it can act as the main navigational menu, too. Instead of web users needing to find the links to navigate into the inside pages, they can click on the links flashed on the homepage.


Although many frown at flashy animations because of what they mean for the page’s loading speed, consumers want a better experience right now. Subtle and optional animations are all the rage now in eCommerce websites. They create a better user experience and although they are largely cosmetic, users seem to enjoy them better than other design elements.

These Orlando web design styles are bound to increase engagement and conversion on your eCommerce site. You do not have to follow them all to a T, but it will help if you can integrate some of them into your original layout and design.