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Orlando Web Design Tips for an Online Store’s Checkout Page | Brightsky Web Design

Competition in the online merchant industry has finally reached its tipping point. Virtually every business has an online store that aims to attract a new breed of customers. But what can separate our business from all the other online stores is the amount of effort you put into designing the checkout page. Your Orlando web design should be focused not only on the front end of your website but also on the checkout page because this is where your customers make the ultimate decision of purchasing something from your store.

Some may even say that the checkout page is more important than the images, chatbots, and other features. In 2018, more than 29% of online customers left and abandoned their carts because of a long checkout process. This puts into focus the importance for a business to design a checkout page that is streamlined and easy to use.

Minimize the Steps

Making it easier for your customers to check out the items from their shopping carts means minimizing the steps that they have to take. Ask only the important questions that you need to know as the merchant. Ask for their names, their contact details, and their shipping address. Although you can ask for other information such as their birthdays and interests, allow them to skip providing this information so that they can check out the items faster. Many merchants need extra information to create a buyer persona for the next launch of their new products.

Create a One-page Checkout Process

If possible, create a one-page checkout process. On this page, you can ask for their names and contact details, as well as have them pay for the items and finalize the transaction. Remember that many of your customers will access your website through their mobile phones. They may be connected to a weak hotspot or they may only be depending on their data provider. If this is the case, they will find it harder to transact with your website. They might abandon their carts altogether because the checkout process took too long.

Display Trust Seals

You should also display security seals on your website to ease your customers’ worries. Display Norton Secured, McAfee, Verizon, Google Trusted, Comodo and more logos. These seals will tell your customers that you’re invested in the security of your website and the privacy of the information that they provided to you. Also, display an SSL certificate on your Orlando web design so your customers know all the information they provided on your website are encrypted and cannot be hacked. This ensures that they are protected from any hacking and phishing scams.